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Forced Marriages

Your Rights Protected

The definition of Forced Marriage is when one or more parties do not consent to the marriage or consent is obtained using duress.

Murders in the name of ‘so-called’ honour, (often called Honour killings) are murders in which predominantly women are killed for actual or perceived immoral behaviour, which is deemed to have breached the honour code of a family or community causing shame. Some examples nationally of HBV murders have been for trivial transgressions, for example a South Asian lady for becoming to westernised. Others have been murdered for falling in love with somebody not chosen by their family. The Tees Valley Inclusion Project will support victims by providing them with the protection and choice they deserve whilst respecting their cultural identity. Our FMSW (Forced Marriage Support Worker) and project activities will ensure victims are supported, agencies are aware and families are protected within their chosen environments. In addition, we will also:-

Provide emotional and practical support to victims who have been through or may go through a forced marriage

  • Educate the community regarding forced marriages issues, particularly South Asian, Middle East and African communities.
  • Work closely with Cleveland Police CHOICE helpline staff
  • Create and maintain links with relevant agencies and organisations which provide emergency and non-emergency services to victims

Our focus for collaborative working with agencies will include:-

  • Signposting  victims to appropriate services and provide agency intervention information where appropriate
  • Provide forced marriage sessions to community groups, schools, professionals working with BME groups (both statutory and voluntary) and the police where applicable.
  • Work with staff within the CPS, so staff are better informed of forced marriage issues and can therefore apply appropriate sentencing

The Tees Valley Inclusion Project CIC aims to respond to identified needs across the Tees Valley, there is no other provision available to victims of forced marriages and those suffering domestic abuse in the name of honour, this must be eliminated but until then victims need the right support, information based upon cultural respect and be treated with the upmost sensitivity. The credentials of the team have been specifically sought to ensure confidentiality, respect and integrity are key values underpinning all programme activities.

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