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Mission Statement

To meet the needs of BME women and individuals in the Tees Valley area in areas of social and emotional well-being. Our aim is to provide activities and awareness of good health, equality of opportunity and employment initiatives which promote social inclusion whilst recognising cultural diversity.

Deliver healthy initiatives and provide family sports programme for  women and young people

Provide job-search activities, helping with job applications, writing c.v.’s and assist individuals in accessing appropriate education and training

Providing careers advice and working with Employers to promote positive action  placements

Support victims of forced marriages and honour based violence, working with regional agencies to access support services

Develop a BME Women mentoring programme which creates positive role models within the BME Community. This will focus on raising aspirations, identify barriers and working with individuals to realise their potential

Empowering individuals and communities to improve opportunities of well-being

Providing information, help and support in a culturally sensitive environment

Our programme of activities is broad and as such we have excellent links with service providers across Tees Valley, namely local councils, BME Networks, Cleveland Police and Fire services as well as many of the partnerships which are involved in delivering the key services which compliment some areas of work which we will be seeking to engage with. We aim to meet the gaps which exist in some of the wider social areas our activities and programmes. Being a new entity, we recognise we must work with a range of providers in partnership to meet the overall aim of the Project and the individuals and communities we serve.